Nantz Consulting & Software LLC, located in a suburb of Milwaukee, WI, is a full-service computer engineering firm. Founded and co-owned by Brian Nantz, NCS, LLC has the expertise and track record to work with your company and bring it to the next level.  Brian is an innovative software engineer with fifteen years experience in software testing, design and development on many Microsoft platforms in a variety of industries. Having worked with a variety of companies and worked to solve a myriad of specific needs, NCS, LLC can be trusted to work to solve your present problems and help to anticipate your future needs.
In addition to assisting your company hands-on, Brian has also collaborated and authored several books on Microsoft .Net technologies and methodologies, and keeps up-to-date with current trends; this is vital in the fast-moving and fast-changing computer field.

Brian has been doing a great job aiding us in upgrading our EIS system and assisting where needed at a moments notice.  He has been taking some time to bring some of our developers up to speed on the .NET technology as well as giving us insight to other development tools and techniques.  He is to be commended for his knowledge of the Microsoft .NET technology and professionalism he brings to our company each and every day.   He has made our lives a little easier with his guidance and assisted in getting several jobs done on time for our clients.